Greek lutherie remains almost in its entirety up to this date ‘lutherie', that is, the art of making lutes. This fact comes in complete accordance with the title and content of this site, as well as our personal work.

The excellent books of Phoivos Anogeianakis ‘Greek musical instruments' by Melissa Press, and of Elias Petropoulos ‘Rembetiko songs' provided us with invaluable photographic material.

The internet is, among other things, a global repository of knowledge. In this link you will find our latest ‘deposits'.

Many friends also assisted in the creation of this site: Andreas Papadamou, Giorgos Matsiotas, Victor Mandaltsis, Mitsos Damkalis, Kostas Bortzis, Nasos Koumantos, Annoula Kaltsidou, Stavroula Simeonidou, Dimitris Nasiopoulos.

We wholeheartedly thank all of the above.

Giannis and Tasos Koukourigos


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From GAL,MIMF, Mandolin cafeand Crane's portal, someone can reach anywhere at cyberspace of lutherie.